Project Description

The transition from childhood into becoming a young adult can be a fraught one for many of our young people.  At a time of personal upheaval with hormonal and bodily changes occurring they may also be faced with a number of other challenging issues including:

  • Difficult family and step-family relationships

  • Family break-ups and divorce

  • Relationships with peers

  • Bereavement/loss

  • Emotional problems including anxiety and panic attacks

  • Behavioural problems including anger issues

  • Gender identity and sexual issues

  • Transitions to Secondary School and University

Working with young people

I have experience of working with young people both in  a secondary school setting and in my private practice.  Often I see young people for a shorter number of sessions than I would my adult clients: a brief therapy engagement – with space to share concerns and fears – is often enough to help a young person get back to managing their life more successfully.

For those clients under 16, I would expect to have some involvement with parents/carers whilst managing the issue of confidentiality and privacy for the young person.

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