Project Description

The terms counselling and psychotherapy are used interchangeably in most contexts.  I do not make a firm distinction in my manner of working with clients but the following maybe helpful if you are unsure of what kind of help you are looking for.

If you come to see me for counselling this will tend to be specifically ‘problem focused’ – in the early stages.  It might be that you come with a relationship difficulty or issues at work or perhaps you have suffered a loss or bereavement recently and are needing support outside your family and friends.  You may have issues around anxiety or panic-attacks and we might work together on how to support you with this.  Counselling work tends to be shorter term (up to around 12 sessions) but it is not uncommon for this to extend as other issues become clear and need to be explored.  Specifically, I tend to work with young people from within a counselling approach as they are still developing psychologically – if problems are more complex I may consult with or refer onto a specialised professional.

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