Project Description

The terms counselling and psychotherapy are used interchangeably in most contexts.  I do not make a firm distinction in my manner of working with clients but the following maybe helpful if you are unsure of what kind of help you are looking for.

Those looking specifically for psychotherapy may feel that their issues and problems feel entrenched and ‘stuck’.  It might be that you have managed life ok so far but you have feelings of dissatisfaction, loss, sadness, confusion and frustration.  Perhaps life has not turned out how you imagined and you would like to change things but are unsure of how to go about this.  It may be that you are facing a particular life stage that is causing difficulties; becoming a parent, mid-life issues, facing later life challenges and even facing the end of life.  Sometimes, we have experienced painful difficulties in our early relationships with important others and this only comes to light later on in our lives – it may be that these difficulties are expressed via problems with addictions, managing anger, or other life-limiting issues.

Psychotherapy is usually a longer-term commitment to working together; usually once a week at the same time for a number of months or often longer.

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